Hair Selfie




I’m at the hairdressers (Hair Sanctuary, Totnes, Devon) as we speak, or blog, and she was commenting about my photo challenges, which is weird to think that a real person reads my blog! And by that I mean not a person I never met like all of you!

So last time you all wanted to see my purple hair, well here is a selfie of the dye going on and this time I’m having purple strips going through because I was disappointed that last time no one noticed at work so this time I thought I would go more purple!

Also I have never posted from my phone, this is a first never to be repeated!

I just need to say my hairdresser has put up with a lot over the years from me, I’m a very fussy customer and she is always so kind and patient! Baring that in mind, today she had been getting her own back I think by pulling foils out, drowning me, dye down my neck, poking me, the list is endless! Hehe! She said I will be writing about that later!

I think hair is such an important part of peoples personalities, I know it is for me, my mood can be altered if my hair isn’t right! I love going to the hairdressers, its a real tonic! X






A threshold is a point of entering; that point just before a new beginning — that split-second moment in time, full of anticipation. All the hard work is over; relief is palpable.

Weekly Photo Challenge

This photo was taken a couple of years ago on one of my year sixes last school trips together. I find this photo very poignant because these boys where best friends all the way through their primary life, having their ups and downs of cause, very lively, chatty, sometimes naughty, but this moment is like they are just taking a second quietly together, looking out towards their future, their threshold before heading towards different secondary schools apart. Their calm before their transition and their life changes, their new beginning. X

April Music Challenge – Eternal Flame

This, Eternal Flame by the Bangles, I would say this is in my top ten of songs. I have a right old sing song to this one. This gives me memories of singing in my room when I was a teenager.

Enjoy x

April Music Challenge – Don’t Stop Me Now

Well it's only taken the last half hour to work out how to do this, but I think I have done it!

I've shared a daily photo, a daily dance video, so this month I shall be sharing my favourite music. It will be interesting how much interest this generates, because I still think photos get the most response. But it will be a nice way for me to have a record of my favourite tracks. Now baring in mind I was brought up around music, in rehearsal band rooms, concerts, pop, rock, classical, I do have a diverse choice in music, because of teaching I have had to keep up to date with modern music, and I teach music everyday, for example todays teaching has been filled with singing, ukuleles and drumming, everyday is music of some kind, so it is a big part of my life.

So for my first track I think one of my best uplifters, Queens, Don't Stop Me Now. You can't go wrong with this one! If ever I want cheering up I go onto YouTube and watch Freddie's performance at the Live Aid concert, he was just magical.

March Dance Challenge 31


Well here we are then, the end of the month, so the end of my dance challenge! I must admit I have really enjoyed collecting all my favourite pieces of dance, each one of them having a personal meaning to me. I hope for those of you that are interested in dance have enjoyed my choices.

Now what next? What shall I do for April? because now I’m in the habit of posting everyday, I may as well carry on. I have noticed you get more response from photos, than videos, I suppose because it is a bit of an effort watching a whole video, unless you have a great interest in it. So I could go back to posting a photo, or I did think about posting a favourite piece of music of mine everyday, I’m not sure, what do you think?

Anyway, I started the month with my favourite ballet, and I shall end the month with my favourite ballet, this is the entrance of the swans, the corps de ballet. I love the togetherness, the symmetry of the lines and circles, all moving as one, beautiful! I gave this a go once as part as the corps de ballet in London, it’s harder than you think keeping absolutely perfectly together, took a lot of practise!

I look forward to your April challenge ideas! X

March Dance Challenge 29


Another musical number, this time from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Me Ole Bamboo.

All I can say is it energetic, exciting, technically tricky, just a good old fashioned musical number! X

March Dance Challenge 28


This video I think is perfect for a Friday night!

I love this song and the dance Madonna does is a perfect seventies style. It reminds me of prancing around a studio, dancing like no one is watching you!

Enjoy, get your leotard, leg warmers on and strut your stuff x

March Dance Challenge 27


This is an extraordinary piece of dance! It is by a company called DV8, and the lead dancer has no legs. He has a beautiful, flowing quality to his movement and the choreography is great!

You must watch this, it’s amazing! X

March Dance Challenge 26


Here we have a Charleston from Strictly Come Dancing.

This one I particular like because these two dancers are brilliant, and you would find it hard to guess which one is not the professional. It is great characterisation, energy and technic! I love dancing Charleston.

See you tomorrow! X

March Dance Challenge 25


The ease, grace, poise, and just pure brilliance of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing Cheek to Cheek, need I say more! (And coping with all those feathers)

Just take a moment and enjoy! X

March Dance Challenge 24


This clip is from a great old musical, 42nd Street! We’re in the money!

The reason I have chose this is because it always reminds me of me doing it. I performed this musical a few times, when I was young, on big silver dollars and everything, in a professional production, and as a teacher with my adult tap class, again we danced on big round wooden sheets.

It’s all tap springs, tap step ball changes, and time steps!

So get your tap shoes out! 5 6 7 8

March Dance Challenge 23


Back to my favourite ballet, and a best dance line up could not be complete without the Pas De Quatre from Swan Lake, danced by the Bolshol ballet.

The ease and togetherness of the dancers make it look easy when actually this is a really tricky dance to dance, especially as you are attached to someone, so if they go slightly out then that pushes you off balance!

So enjoy x

March Dance Challenge 22


Today we travel to Russia!

When I was young and competing in dance festivals, I loved national dancing. This is where you dance in the style and costume of different countries. And I loved Russian dancing the best, probably because I was quite good at it and the costumes where pretty too!

This video is a great example of Russian dance, the strength and togetherness of the dancers is perfection and uplifting music!

Enjoy! X

March Dance Challenge 21


Probably not the most technically piece of dance I’ve seen, but I do like this video and I like the style of it. Wouldn’t mind giving it a go.

So a little bit of pump it for your Friday evening! Xx

March Dance Challenge 20


Today dancing wonder is from the British So You Think You Can Dance!

This piece I particularly enjoyed because I thought the choreography was great, by Rafael Bonachela, a Spanish choreographer. And the music Speechless by Lady Gaga is a lovely song. The dancers aren’t that bad either!

Try and find some time to watch! It’s great! X

March Dance Challenge 19


Now this isn’t a classic bit of dancing, but I just love this whole song and dance.

Singing In The Rain is a great film and the original dance by Gene Kelly is magic, but this version by Morecambe and Wise is lovely!

Enjoy! X

March Dance Challenge 18


Back to the ballet today!

This footage is just mesmerising!

It of the great Natalia Makarova dancing the dying swan from my favourite ballet Swan Lake. The fluidity of her arms, how she effortlessly glides across the stage, the emotion she puts into the steps, is just wonderful!

Please enjoy! ….. If you are into that kinda thing! X

March Dance Challenge 17


This piece of dance is well worth a look! You might not have seen this before. This dance is from the film The Band Wagon staring Fred Astaire.

Now this dance was the inspiration to Michael Jackson’s video Smooth criminal, you can definitely see the similarity. Michael got many of his moves, videos and styles from the old films. Also the choreographer Fossy who style is very distinct from the musical Chicago, again got inspiration from this film.