April Music Challenge – Don’t Stop Me Now

Well it's only taken the last half hour to work out how to do this, but I think I have done it!

I've shared a daily photo, a daily dance video, so this month I shall be sharing my favourite music. It will be interesting how much interest this generates, because I still think photos get the most response. But it will be a nice way for me to have a record of my favourite tracks. Now baring in mind I was brought up around music, in rehearsal band rooms, concerts, pop, rock, classical, I do have a diverse choice in music, because of teaching I have had to keep up to date with modern music, and I teach music everyday, for example todays teaching has been filled with singing, ukuleles and drumming, everyday is music of some kind, so it is a big part of my life.

So for my first track I think one of my best uplifters, Queens, Don't Stop Me Now. You can't go wrong with this one! If ever I want cheering up I go onto YouTube and watch Freddie's performance at the Live Aid concert, he was just magical.


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