Tuesday Tune

Music is a massive factor in my life. It helps so much for lifting up my vibration. Of cause music can also have the opposite effect can’t it. We all have that tune that takes us back to a time, and we instantly feel those same emotions again. This is why have a playlist that if i need to be brought instantly up I stick it on and off I go dancing around the lounge.

This song is one of those for me, and thanks to my beautiful friend it is new to my repertoire of uplifters. This is the one I stick on when i’m tired after a long difficult night shift and I have only had 3 hours sleep, it never fails to have me dancing around the house.

Enjoy my lovelies x

Writing 101, Day Three: Top Three Songs

Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

What a tricky one, considering music is my life, being brought up in a musical family, being a dancer, teaching dance, being a choreographer, now a music teacher. To narrow it down to three is difficult, but I will give it a go! 

1. Has to be from my favourite band Queen ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ I have chose this because this song always cheers me up, makes me jump up, turn the volume up high and sing at the top of my voice.

2. Is Frank Sinatra ‘Theme from New York, New York’ again this is another song that uplifts me and I can’t sit still to. 

3. If you were to look on my iTunes to the song that has been played the most, so I am guessing this is one of my top favourites, is ‘Listen’ by Beyoncé. There is a pattern here I think because all the songs I like are belters. 

There are many songs that bring back memories and emotions to me, we would be here all day, but those three were the first to come into my head, so they must mean something! X

Writing 101 Day Three

April Music Challenge – Don’t Stop Me Now

Well it's only taken the last half hour to work out how to do this, but I think I have done it!

I've shared a daily photo, a daily dance video, so this month I shall be sharing my favourite music. It will be interesting how much interest this generates, because I still think photos get the most response. But it will be a nice way for me to have a record of my favourite tracks. Now baring in mind I was brought up around music, in rehearsal band rooms, concerts, pop, rock, classical, I do have a diverse choice in music, because of teaching I have had to keep up to date with modern music, and I teach music everyday, for example todays teaching has been filled with singing, ukuleles and drumming, everyday is music of some kind, so it is a big part of my life.

So for my first track I think one of my best uplifters, Queens, Don't Stop Me Now. You can't go wrong with this one! If ever I want cheering up I go onto YouTube and watch Freddie's performance at the Live Aid concert, he was just magical.